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 Soul Cry Leveling

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PostSubject: Soul Cry Leveling   Soul Cry Leveling EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 3:38 pm

Stage 11 and 12 Crystals
Raid bosses: Anakim, Baium, Lilith, Zaken - 9 crystals may be leveled at once, one by each member of last hit party. (Conflicting reports on if Antharas and Valakas in this catagory)

Raid bosses: Beast Lord Behemoth, Roaring Skylancer, Meanas Anor, Eilhalder von Hellmann, Crokian Padisha Sobekk, Antharas Priest Cloe, - only one member among last hit party may earn it.

Raid bosses: Sailren and Tyrannosaurus - only the party member who struck them last may earn it.

Stage 13 Crystals
Raid bosses: Antharas, Valakus, Scarlet van Halisha - - 9 crystals may be leveled at once, one by each member of last hit party. (Ember and Hero Level Rift Bosses are low level chance and no garuntee of all 9 crystals leveling)

Stage 14 Crystals (CT1)
Raid bosses: Antharas, Valakas, or Scarlet van Halisha (Frintezza) . The last party to hit one of those three will either get a clean Stage 14 crystal, or a Cursed Stage 14 Soul Crystal. The curse can be lifted by the Black Marketeer of Mammon

Stage 15-16 Crystals

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Soul Cry Leveling
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