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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Clan Rules EmptyFri Jul 24, 2009 4:30 pm

These are the clan rules, I hope everyone to follow them, If you don't agree with any of these you can leave clan, np.


2 weeks without comming ingame with no warning, mail to me with the reason, kick from clan.

Missing 2 sieges on a row without warning, mail to me with the the reason, kick from clan.

If u don't have antharas/valaks quest done in time specially if you're have a capital class , 1 week out of clan.
I tell in advance for all the people to make 1/2 quests so you don't have excuses to say you didn't know.

Manor Items

Each member has right to a Secret book of giants for each siege he goes. We have 2 sieges in the weekend, if u go to booth
You will get 2. When i say go to siege it's more than 1hour, not 15 30 minutes, that sucks Razz

Dual craft stamps, ask me when you need, 6 per month for each member.

Clan don't give crystals of any kind for crafts.

If u graduate a char from clan academy u will have 1 SBOG, however , the char must be lvl 10 maximum to join and you have 1 weeks to make it 2nd job.

If I see someone seeling Book of giants, or someone shows me a screen of somone from clan selling, that member loses the right to get more books
from the clan, If u're selling them it's cause u don't need them, If u don't need them I'll give to someone that needs. Self use please!

Soul Crystals

I don't have any rules about SC, since now it's easy to make SC 12.

Full Drops

1. Any Clan party(RB,xp,pvp) that has a full drop the item stays with the person that pick it, however that person has the chance to give that item to the clan and receive points.
2. If the person wants to give the drop to the clan she must give it to 1 general so that he note it down;
3. Full drops are: Full items, Blessed Enchants that drop from MOBS/PK players, not bought items.
4. You must take a screen of the full drop when it drops.
5. People can't buy stuff to give to clan and get points.
6.Recipes: You must show the screen of the trade (QI->recipe)


Imperial tomb: only me and have quest active to farm recipes for clan. I don't forbid people to have quest active if u can farm it alone, but be honest and tell me that u have so I know who has quest. It's faster if only 1 has quest.

Forge Of Gods: Same story as IT quest.

alliance with varka silenos: I will have quest level 5 and I will farm recipes for clan, It's ok for you to have quest active and farm recipes yourself, but i f u have it active don't come ask me for recipes Razz. I try to make party with only person with quest active.

Moonstone Shards / reagents to nobless quest

I buy all the shards / hard reagents for the people that needs them for the noblesse quest, althought , if u can farm some alone do it, don't wait for me to buy all.

That's all folks ^^

Any doubt pm.

p.s: any attempt to bend these rules, kick from clan.

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Clan Rules
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