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 How to use manor

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How to use manor Empty
PostSubject: How to use manor   How to use manor EmptySun Jul 26, 2009 3:22 pm

Before i start i would like to point Seed is
what you buy ,Crop is what you harvest (example Seed:Desert codran is
seed and Desert codran is crop).Also the manor is controlled by the
castle so ,Each crop and seed has a price,the castle owner decided how
much seeds he will sell ,what kind of seeds,for what price,the castle's
owner also sets how much crops he will buy and for what price,every
time manor start over at 20:06 GMT+0(21:06 GMT+1 22:06 GMT+2 ETC)

Go to manor manager,buy the seed that is about your level(every seed
has a level range) ,buy some (~20-30 for starters),Purchase a harvester
,and go hunt.It is important to hunt near the town you bought the seeds
from (for example if you bought Goddard hunt Wall of argos,Monastery of
silence,Ketra etc).Seeding is like spoiling ,you double click on the
seed if it "succed" (The seed has been sown) after the mob dies you use
the harvester and you get some crops.When you have some crops you can
go to manor manager to exchange.Here it doesnt matter where you bought
the seeds.Just make sure the owner buys.Click on the second option
("taily ......").as i mentioned before the manor restarts in 20:06
GMT+0 thats when all the crops /seed buys/sells restart.Thats why at
that time there are a lot of people near the manager,everybody is in a
hurry to sell his crops first.
With lower level seeds ,there is not such a big problem.
Hope i've been helpful!

formula for crops:
so lvl 60 crop gives:
(78-60+5)*2=23*2=46 crops if succesfull in ketra at 78 mob

Formula for amount of mats from crops:
rounded down((amount of crops*buyprice of crops)/(databaseprice of mat*(1+basetowntax+castletax)))

formula for gained mature crops for castle:
0.90*sold crops

is lowest in giran (10% i think), then lowest in oren (15 % i think)
and 20% (not sure again about number) in most other towns and highest
(25% I think) in gludio and even higher in towns without castle (like
starter cities)

Here are some links with screenshots that might be usefull !

NPC options
Menu options
Crops That I have
Crops that i want to sell
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How to use manor
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